Almost a million years ago, hunting and fishing were considered activities that consumed a lot of energy. To be physically active does not require one to be registered in a gym or run 5 miles on the racing track. When instructing in Huntington Beach personal training I try to teach my clients that physical activity can be considered as any kind of movement either natural or planned that a person does for a determined period of time. It increases your energy levels and it can also burn calories, depending on your weight. If you weigh 250 pounds, you will consume more energy than a person that weighs 180 pounds. Another thing that can alter the amount of calories burned while doing a physical activity is the time you spend on the movement and also, the rhythm you follow. For example, walking 5 miles per hour can burn more calories than walking 1.5 miles per hour.

In my Orange County Boot Camp I try to make people realize that physical activity can mean doing some every day movements like walking, riding a bike, and running up the stairs, even shopping and doing everyday chores in the house, especially if they are done frequently. Moderate physical activity does not increase appetite and can even result in a 98% loss of body fat when combined with a healthy diet.

Some subcategories on this field can be exercise and sports, by exercise we refer to any planned body activity done in your free time with the purpose of maintaining a fit body and healthy lifestyle. A sport is a specialized activity that requires training and is performed at different intensity levels; its main purpose is generally competitive in nature.

If you suffer from any kind of condition, such as diabetes, physical activity should be a priority in your day. It is also a great alternative for children, in the US, 25% of children are suffering from obesity and there are simple ways of dealing with this issue. If your kid does not like sports or is very lazy and in a difficult age, there are different games, including video games, you can enjoy as a family that involve physical activity. Children should get used to an active life, being physically active can help their self esteem and learning abilities as well as developing and maintaining healthy and strong muscle and bones. Enjoy the outside together as a family, you can plan an adventure in the woods, or plan a vacation that involve outdoor activities like water sports, hiking or walking around a big city.

Physical activity is not harmful in any way; the human body is made for moving, and if you don’t take it out for a walk, a dance, a spin, any kind of movement, the result could very well be a premature death. Walking at a fast pace for only 20 minutes a day can translate to losing at least 10 pounds in one year and contribute to a healthier cardiovascular lifestyle. At my Newport Beach Fitness Bootcamp I teach clients to consider physical activity a solution to fighting laziness, boredom and being out of shape. Stop with the excuses and take advantage of your time, it is never too late to make the decision of having a healthy body and heart.

So put it on your To Do list, get up, and get outdoors if you can and bring a friend, family member or loved one. Because you certainly want those you love to live a long and healthy life too.
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