Can a spontaneous miscarriage be deemed murder? A twist on the pro-life argument


While abortion is the cause of many a protest from pro life groups, any pregnancy, terminated by whatever means, is one of the unanswered questions in this national controversy. However, when a woman suffers a spontaneous miscarriage, through no fault or intent on her part, almost everyone, from both camps of thought, feel pity for this woman.

She has lost a baby, a human life growing within her. She may even die of the complications of hemorrhaging. Who can know what caused the spontaneous miscarriage?

Women who are nutritionally deficient, or mentally traumatized, may simply not have the physical or emotional wherewithal to bring a pregnancy to fruition. Genetic factors may also play a role. A genetic predisposition to it may be the cause of miscarriage.

Extreme stress may also precipitate a spontaneous miscarriage. This can occur at any point during the pregnancy, most often during the first or second trimester. In the case of an unwanted pregnancy, such as might exist in the case of rape or incest, the psychological impact might so influence the woman's body, that a spontaneous miscarriage might occur, with no conscious input on the woman's behalf.

In the case of a genetic predisposition, the woman's body may simply not to be able to provide the nurturing environment a growing baby requires.
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