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If you're looking for advice on nutrition and workouts then try visiting the 24hr Fitness Center website at, and consider joining a local 24hr Fitness Center near you. It's a lot easier to get started exercising and getting fit if you have some help, and this may be the right option for you. Make your New Year's weight-loss resolution come true this year! Fad diets never work in the end, and trying one of the many ridiculous ideas such as the cabbage soup diet will never, ever work in the long term. Something like that is not sustainable, and if you start yo-yo dieting, you'll probably just end up putting on more weight in the end! The body's metabolism is set up to keep you at your normal, i.e., current weight and resists any changes.
Slow and Steady Weight Loss Is the Key

If you suddenly lose a lot of weight on a fad diet, your body fights against that loss and tries to put the pounds back on. The best approach to losing weight is slowly and steadily, and by making changes to your diet and exercise routines that you can actually make a part of your daily life. You can start on that path by joining a gym such as 24hr Fitness. 24hr Fitness Centers are located all over the country and have reasonable membership costs, and you can visit them online at before you go offline and start working out at the gym. At the online website for 24hr Fitness, you can find a location near you by entering your zip code and take a look at the amenities available at different facilities in your area. You can also sign up for 90-day passes or other options to give them a trial run before deciding on a membership.

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Some facilities have a lot more amenities than others, so you might want to take that into consideration. For example, out of all the centers on the island of Oahu, the Honolulu location has the best amenities, which include a juice bar, sauna, massage, basketball courts, etc. The site also lists prices for memberships at each location, and they all seem to be around $41.99 regardless of the amenities (or lack thereof). You may want to take that into consideration and choose a center slightly more out of the way if you want all the extras. Of course, as you might expect with a name like 24hr Fitness Center, the gyms are open 24 hours a day. With great amenities, easy access, and the ability to work out anytime, you don't have an excuse for not hitting the gym. Visit a 24hr Fitness Center today and start getting healthy!

Are You Too Old To Get Fit And Stay Fit? Try P90X Workouts

Scientists have proven it as you get older, your physiological ability declines. It's sad, but true. You lose strength, aerobic ability, coordination, and, well, probably your mental function too. It's all downhill after 40, right?


The truth is that there are a growing number of athletes today that are setting and breaking world records. Masters athletes are competing at the highest levels.

You want examples?

How about The Ragin Cajun, Boyer Coe who won an Olympia - Masters Title at the age of 49? What about Jack La Lanne

What about former NFL players Jerry Rice and Doug Flutie? Or NBA players Karl Malone and Kevin Willis?

Or that between 1980 and 1996, according to the US Track and Field Association, the number of marathon runners over 40 increased more than fivefold, from 31,200 to 162,360.

And in 2006 the USCF, United States Cycling Federation, had more than 1000 licensed and ranked individual road racers that were over 40.

There's no denying that the number of athletes over the age of 40 is growing and they're performing at levels they never have before.

So What Really Happens After 40?

Honestly? Your aerobic capacity decreases and your muscles begin to deteriorate. On average, youll lose 6-10 beats off your max heart rate per decade.

Your muscle system declines, your immune system declines, your thermal regulation system declines, you lose flexibility and your joints deteriorate. Sounds bad right?

How Do You Beat The Clock?

The keys lie in how you treat your body before, during, and after you hit the big four o. Find a great workout routine that will help you stay in shape.

Consistent training and exercise is vital to an athlete that hopes to continue being competitive after 40. In fact, many top Masters Athletes say that they train now more than they ever did, indicating that an increase in training, both aerobic and strength is important as you age.

It is also important to maintain your flexibility through a stretching or yoga regimen and to vary your workouts. I want to recommend the P90X workout system if you want to beat the clock. P90X offers 12 different workout programs each designed to work a specific muscle group or groups. The workouts are as follows:

  • Chest and Back
  • Plyometrics
  • Shoulders and Arms
  • Yoga X
  • Core Synergistics
  • Kenpo X
  • Legs and Back
  • Ab Ripper X
  • Back and Biceps
  • Cardio X
  • Core Synergistics
  • Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

The advantage of this type of program is that it allows your muscles to recover. It also strengthens each and every muscle group rather than focusing on one or two main groups and letting the others continue aging. In fact you can still have that beachbody you have always wanted even after the age of 40.

The last, and maybe the most important factor in getting and staying fit as you age, is that you need to provide your body with the proper nutrients. This means that you're eating a well balanced diet with plenty of protein to support your training and build muscles. A home fitness program like P90X understands the needs of an athletes body. The program contains a three phase nutritional program as well as supplements to make sure your muscles get the nutrition that they need.

P90X is the perfect home fitness program for athletes of any age including those in the over 40 crowd.

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Sport Fitness and Nutrition – For the Winning Edge!

Many studies have shown that exercise and sports can be very beneficial to one’s health. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, exercise or regular physical activity not only helps maintain the proper functioning of our body’s systems,  but it also prevents the development of certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis, among others.


Engagement into sports is a great way for one to get or stay in shape, and to acquire a healthy well-being. In order to attain the maximum body-wide benefits of sports, it is important to know what “fitness” really means and what its key components are.


Sport fitness has two dimensions: 1) physical, which is an athlete’s capacity to meet the various physical demands of a certain sport without being in a fatigued state, and 2) motor, which is an athlete’s ability to perform successfully at their sport (“Conditioning,” n.d.). There are nine essential fitness components that comprise each sport, and these are the following: endurance, strength, power, agility, flexibility, balance, speed, coordination, and reaction time.

Nutrition plays a critical role in one’s fitness. One might think that an athlete’s nutritional requirements vary significantly from that of a non-athlete, but that is not the case. Although athletes obviously have a higher energy requirement than those individuals who choose to be a couch potato, both have similar needs for carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water or fluids. However, athletes’ carbohydrate needs are generally much higher than those who are less active. This is because carbohydrate is the most efficient energy source of the body -- especially during moderate to high-intensity exercise. In contrast, fat provides energy during prolonged, low-intensity exercise. In short, whether fat or carbohydrate is used as energy source depends on the intensity or duration of the exercise.


Proteins, on the other hand, are more essential in the repair of muscle tissues than they are in providing energy during exercise. However, a 4-month weight loss trial conducted in Illinois suggested that a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrate combined with exercise increases loss of body fat.


But how exactly does carbohydrate from breads, rice, fruits, etc. provide us with the energy that we need? How about the protein and fat that we get from animal products such as meat, fish, poultry? Sports nutritional information involves the pathways on how these macronutrients are converted into energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

ATP is continually produced in the body since it is not easily stored and is readily used up by the body. There are two general pathways that allow the conversion of nutrients into energy. These are 1) aerobic metabolism (which requires oxygen), and 2) anaerobic metabolism, which doesn’t require oxygen. These pathways can be further subdivided, and the combination, the activation of a single energy system, and the progression from one system to another, will depend on the duration and intensity of exercise.


For instance, a 100-meter sprint uses the ATP-Creatine Phosphate (CP) system wherein stored ATP in the muscle is used as energy, followed by the conversion of CP into ATP. Such system provides approximately 10 seconds worth of energy without oxygen requirement. On the other hand, anaerobic metabolism or glycolysis creates ATP from the partial breakdown of glucose is used only for short, high-intensity exercises because there is such a thing as lactate threshold, which when reached can be painful due to the build up of lactic acid in the muscle. Lastly, aerobic metabolism is used for prolonged, low-intensity exercises. Such system uses oxygen in order to convert the various nutrients into energy.


Furthermore, adequate hydration is just as important as proper nutrition. Water makes up 60% of our body weight and is involved in almost every body process. Since athletes are involved in more strenous activities that dispose them to increased fluid losses, it is essential for them to drink more than the usual prescribed 8 glasses of water everyday for an ordinary, less active individual. According to the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, cool water is the best fluid to keep an athlete hydrated during exercise that lasts for an hour or less, while sports drinks are very useful for prolonged exercise because they maintain blood glucose levels.

Indeed, proper nutrition and conditioning are key factors in achieving sports fitness and top performance. However, those who are easily pressured by their athletic feat --most especially during competitions-- tend to resort to the use of sports supplements. They are popular because they are readily available, and are known to give faster, effective results without requiring much hard work.


The use of sports supplement, also called ergogenic acids, claims to improve one’s performance and increase work output. However, their effectiveness and safety are often controversial. The most common sports supplements used by athletes are the following: anabolic steroids, prohormones or “natural steroids,” such as androstenedione and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), human growth hormone (HGH), creatine, and fat burners. If one decides to use such, athletes must first consult with their doctors and make a careful evaluation of these products.


Attaining a peak level of performance in any kind of sport requires practice, constant training, and a great deal of hard work. If these are combined with an optimal sports supplement nutrition, any athlete can be on a winning edge, both competition and health-wise.

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Physical Activity

Almost a million years ago, hunting and fishing were considered activities that consumed a lot of energy. To be physically active does not require one to be registered in a gym or run 5 miles on the racing track. When instructing in Huntington Beach personal training I try to teach my clients that physical activity can be considered as any kind of movement either natural or planned that a person does for a determined period of time. It increases your energy levels and it can also burn calories, depending on your weight. If you weigh 250 pounds, you will consume more energy than a person that weighs 180 pounds. Another thing that can alter the amount of calories burned while doing a physical activity is the time you spend on the movement and also, the rhythm you follow. For example, walking 5 miles per hour can burn more calories than walking 1.5 miles per hour.

In my Orange County Boot Camp I try to make people realize that physical activity can mean doing some every day movements like walking, riding a bike, and running up the stairs, even shopping and doing everyday chores in the house, especially if they are done frequently. Moderate physical activity does not increase appetite and can even result in a 98% loss of body fat when combined with a healthy diet.

Some subcategories on this field can be exercise and sports, by exercise we refer to any planned body activity done in your free time with the purpose of maintaining a fit body and healthy lifestyle. A sport is a specialized activity that requires training and is performed at different intensity levels; its main purpose is generally competitive in nature.

If you suffer from any kind of condition, such as diabetes, physical activity should be a priority in your day. It is also a great alternative for children, in the US, 25% of children are suffering from obesity and there are simple ways of dealing with this issue. If your kid does not like sports or is very lazy and in a difficult age, there are different games, including video games, you can enjoy as a family that involve physical activity. Children should get used to an active life, being physically active can help their self esteem and learning abilities as well as developing and maintaining healthy and strong muscle and bones. Enjoy the outside together as a family, you can plan an adventure in the woods, or plan a vacation that involve outdoor activities like water sports, hiking or walking around a big city.

Physical activity is not harmful in any way; the human body is made for moving, and if you don’t take it out for a walk, a dance, a spin, any kind of movement, the result could very well be a premature death. Walking at a fast pace for only 20 minutes a day can translate to losing at least 10 pounds in one year and contribute to a healthier cardiovascular lifestyle. At my Newport Beach Fitness Bootcamp I teach clients to consider physical activity a solution to fighting laziness, boredom and being out of shape. Stop with the excuses and take advantage of your time, it is never too late to make the decision of having a healthy body and heart.

So put it on your To Do list, get up, and get outdoors if you can and bring a friend, family member or loved one. Because you certainly want those you love to live a long and healthy life too.
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Best Excersises for Building Muscles

Body builders and strength athletes are always worried about building muscle, six-pack abs, strong triceps and so on. As a personal trainer in Huntington Beach, California, I have found that there are several exercises that prove highly productive as muscle building exercises during a workout. Compound exercises work multiple muscles across more than one joint. Examples of compound exercises include bench press, dips, and squats. Isolation exercises work fewer muscles across a single joint. Working with dumbbells and leg extensions are examples of isolation exercises.

Contrary to popular belief, isolation exercises are not the best approach to build muscle. Compound exercises are far more effective in building muscle because they incorporate the use of several muscle groups, allow for a heavier training load, and work more muscle mass in the same amount of time. For instance, a squat works the quadriceps, hamstrings, , lower back, abdominals and hips all at the same time. They also allow for heavy weights to be lifted. This makes the squat an incredibly effective muscle building exercise.

Working as a personal trainer in Newport Beach, CA, I work with the following in mind: Compared with machine exercises, free weight exercises are more effective for building muscle. Machines make the exercises easier to perform and offer less muscle stimulation. Free weights have a greater ability to involve stabilizer muscles than machines.

While majority of your exercises should be compound free weight exercises, it does not mean that you should avoid machine exercises. In fact isolation exercises and machine workouts have a low risk of injury and are great for beginners. If you’re just starting bodybuilding, begin with these exercises and work your way up to heavier compound exercises and free weights.

Here is a brief overview of some of the best muscle-building exercises I teach as a personal trainer in Costa Mesa. Make sure to read and understand each exercise very carefully before you try anything out. And remember, never begin bodybuilding without an experienced trainer. If not guided well, you can hurt yourself seriously and damage critical muscles for life.


Technique is everything with this exercise. Make sure that you are arching your back from the time that you pick the weight up to the time you rack it. Your head needs to be back, preferably looking up during the set. Your chest should be out with feet a little wider than shoulder width. Imagine yourself sitting down in a chair.


Remember to do this exercise on the days that you work your back. This is an excellent movement for overall strength and building thickness in the mid to lower portion of your back. Deadlifts can be done anytime in the workout, but it is probably best to do it later in your workout. Deadlifting exercises your legs as well, so you can take a narrow stance, with your arms outside of your knees. This will exercise your back even more. The key is to have strict form, arch your back, and keep it that way throughout the movement.

Bench Press

Most people use this exercise to build their chest muscles. The danger is that they lift very heavy weights, which causes them to assume terrible postures on the bench. While it might feel good to tell your pals about how much you bench, you could seriously injure yourself. There is always a right way of doing any exercise. While doing a bench press, let the weight down to your chest and very gently touch your chest with the bar. Then push up very slightly towards your head. The weight should end up over your chin or mouth. If you push towards your feet, the weight will feel much heavier. This is what you will tend to do with extremely heavy weight or late in a set. Put the emphasis on actually pushing with your chest muscles.

Military Press

This exercise will work your shoulders. Military press is very good for getting that wide and thick look up top. While doing the military press, if you are going behind your neck, you need to make sure that your elbows are back throughout the entire set. You don't want to come down to your neck and push the weight up while your forearms are at a weird angle to the bar. You forearms should be perfectly perpendicular with the bar. Be cautious of the position of your lower back and butt throughout the set. Usually, you tend to deviate from the back of the bench as the set progresses. Make sure that you keep your lower back and butt pressed against the back of the seat.

Straight Leg Deadlifts

This exercise is great for working your hamstring muscles. It is a very simple movement, but it can be devastating if you are not aware of your form. Just like regular deadlifts, you should keep your lower back arched, chest up, and head back. Use about a 15 inch grip and when you let the weight down, stick your butt out and bend at the hips. This will cause you to focus in on your hamstrings. When you pull the weight up, flex your hamstrings and bend only at the hips
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Balance your Weight with Weights

There are many intricacies to physical training. Physical training is generally used by sportspersons and athletes to spruce up their physical and bodily energy and tolerance levels. Physical Training is also used popularly by many average individuals to achieve physical strength and power levels at par with sports persons and athletes. At my Long Beach personal trainer gym I have my Physical Trainers recommend certain specific work outs and exercises that can increase the energy and strength levels of individuals at above par levels. This is the type of physical training that is absolutely necessary for sports persons and athletes who require more than average power and agility to maintain a leading edge in their profession. There are such specific training methods adopted by Physical Trainers called as ‘Resistance Training’ that give maximum and more than average physical fitness and strengths. One of the best methods of Resistance Training recommended by Physical Trainers is working out through the usage of Weights. Weight based exercise methods are advantageous both for men as well as women. The world over, completion in every field is in its increase. People can be seen struggling due to want of time, in any aspect in life. However, the need for physical exercises as a routine in every human being’s life is more on the increase. People would rather prefer labour saving exercise patterns such as resistance exercises (Weight based exercise patterns etc.) to other laborious ones that not only need more amount of work outs, but are also time consuming.
The primary advantage of using Weights for Physical Exercises is to maintain the individual’s physical strength. Every small day to day activity of an individual requires the usage of muscles. It is based on the strength of muscles that a person’s strength and agility can be ascertained. Maintenance of muscular strength can be achieved only through constant usage of activity in the muscular composition through physical activities and exercises. Known as the Newport Beach personal trainer I remind my clients that usage of Weights during physical work outs and exercises increase the usage of muscles thus in turn increasing their strength.

One of the other main advantages of using Weights during work outs is to increase the strength and usage of the connecting tissues of muscles, called the Tendons. The use of Weights during exercises does not have any risks such as injuries to muscles or bones. It just strengthens the muscles and their connecting Tendon tissues to render more physical strength and agility. Quite a significant advantage of using Weights for exercises is in prevention of the disease Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones get brittle and subsequently fractured. Generally impact exercises such as jogging and jumping increase the strengths in the bones of legs and thighs. However, the quite common occurrence of Osteoporosis is mainly in the wrists, where effect of impact exercise such as jumping or jogging has no effect. Whereas, the main advantage of Resistance Training is that it induces strength to the individual’s entire skeletal set up. Hence, occurrence of ailments such as Osteoporosis can be drastically reduced through Weight based exercise.

Weight based exercises are more of an ideal method to burn your extra calories. As a personal trainer Costa Mesa, I know that the more you work out with weights, the more calories you are burning and the more they translate to muscular conversion. Hence, weight based exercise burn more calories than any other form of exercise. It does not stop with just this. One of the most significant advantages of Weight based exercises is that it induces better and healthy cardio vascular functions than any other form of exercise. Hence, Weight based exercise work outs can be equated to any other form of cardio vascular exercise and are as equally benefitting to the individual’s cardio vascular activity.
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