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The Many Branches of the Buddhist Faith

Buddhism is a religion based on the teachings of Buddha which are referred to as "Dharma" or "the Dharma."  Buddhist believe they are on a spiritual quest to attain a state of complete enlightenment known as Nirvana.    Like all religions, Buddhism has evolved over time, fractured and adapted as it spread through Asia and eventually the globe.  There are three main sects of Buddhism today along with several lesser-known denominations of the religion.

These different Buddhist religions are all united under some core Buddhist principles. In each, the Buddha is considered the spiritual leader.  The Four Noble Truths are core to their philosophies and teachings.  Those who practice Buddhism follow the principles of the Eightfold Path and believe that Buddhahood is the highest possible state that one could achieve.

The Theravada or "doctrine of the Elders" was established around 300 BC..  This religion centered around the teachings of Buddha and encouraged it's followers to use meditation as a means to teach the mind and eliminate suffering with the goal of achieving Buddhahood.  Theravada Buddhism established the canon of Buddhist scriptures and the Ten Precepts which govern the lifestyle of Buddhist monks.

This discipline of Buddhism originated in India and moved through southeast Asia into Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.  As this form of Buddhism was embraced by the indigenous people, the Theravada was adapted to include the religious beliefs of the various regions. this form of Buddhism is still popular in Laos, Sri Lanka and Cambodia today.

Eastern Buddhism known as Mahayana expands the Pali Canon and includes other religious texts and philosophies that encourage altruism and the need to live a life of universal compassion.  These beliefs are central to their concept of an "Awakened mind."  Practiced primarily in China, Korea and Japan, Mahayana Buddhism incorporates elements of mysticism and cosmology.  This form of Buddhism has splintered into two variants.  Zen Buddhism, which focuses more on internalization of the spiritual path and self-reliance and Pure Land Buddhism which teaches that dedication to the Amitabha Buddha is required to reach Nirvana.

Although deeply influenced by Mahayana Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism or Vajrayana is another distinct discipline of the Buddhist faith..  Also known as "tantric Buddhism," Vajrayana incorporates text and scriptures from both Mahayana and Theraveda Buddhism along with Buddhist Tantras.  Vajrayana teaches that it is possible to achieve Buddhahood in a single lifetime without the journey of reincarnation.   

The method in which one achieves enlightenment is the most significant difference between the various types of Buddhism.  While all believe in the core principles of meditation and spiritual questing guided by the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, the attainment of Nirvana varies considerably.

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Arthritis: What It Is And How You Cope With It

According to studies, 46 million people in the US alone suffer from a form of arthritis. This joint disease constrains into early retirement employee who fail to perform a range of physical activities. The person more or less has no other choice but to take on a sedentary lifestyle.

It's important for anyone suffering from arthritis to understand what it is. This way, coping mechanisms may come easier. Did you know that there are more than 100 forms of the joint disease? Its classification is based on causes and the signs and symptoms experienced. But there are two major types of this disease which many people suffer from.

The most common form is called osteoarthritis, or OA. This is the wear and tear of joint cartilages, and is commonly associated with aging. But it can also be caused by overweight and repeated carrying out of strenuous activities, as in the case of athletes. OA usually appears in the weight bearing joints (knees, hips, back, etc.) but other frequently used joints are also susceptible to it.

On the other hand, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder. This means that your own body is responsible for the joint disease. Your immune system, for unknown reasons, attacks you joints. This chronic and painful inflammatory disease can affect people at any age, even those in their early 20's. Also, RA affects both sides of the body in a symmetrical fashion. For example, if the fingers on your right hand got RA, those on your left hand also suffers from it.

Pain and inflammation are usually dealt with through medications. For pain, a doctor typically prescribes analgesics, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. For swelling, NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) are administered. In severe cases, steroids are directly injected into the joints. Steroids administered by injection pose lesser side effects than an orally taken form.

For lessening stiffness and improving mobility, mild exercises are recommended. Those with leg arthritis can greatly find relief in walking for a few minutes daily. However, this may at all not be possible during flare ups. Such attacks can be really painful, that even minimal movements can be excruciating for the person.

There are also natural means of coping with the signs and symptoms of arthritis. Some people who aren't satisfied with the results of prescribed medications resort to such alternatives. Many swear by the alkaline diet - a diet composed of mainly fruits and vegetables. This diet is great for offsetting excessive acidity in the body, which is linked to arthritis. Also, there are supplements like fish oils, vegetarian glucosamine and chondroitin that help repair worn cartilages and lubricate the joints.

Effective Asthma Breathing Exercises For Kids

If you are looking for useful information about asthma breathing exercises for kids there are three places where you can get it; your local library, your doctor, and the internet. Those three can provide you with the relevant information as well as give you ideas as to what breathing treatments can be good. There are actually only a handful of breathing techniques that you can count on. Which is actually good since your kid would probably only need one for his/her condition.

The difficult part is finding the right one as it will require more than your usual pick-up-and-try technique. You will need to know the particular physiology of your child as well as his/her triggers. Picking a certain breathing method that involves exercise for example when your child experiences Exercise Induced Asthma or EIA can be counterproductive. In order to give you a better idea as to what asthma breathing exercises for kids are and help you in choosing, here are the techniques as well as what is involved in each:

Buteyko: Buteyko is one of the most established breathing techniques in the world today. This method was discovered and formulated by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko of Russia in the 1960’s. Buteyko helps “retrain” the erroneous breathing patterns of patients in order to manage their condition. It has been found that during flare-ups or attacks, patients tend to overbreathe thereby leading to hyperventilation. Overbreathing has also been pointed to double the amount of carbon dioxide present in the body, rendering it ineffective in soothing irritated and inflamed respiratory muscles.

Papworth: The Papworth Breathing method was developed by the Papworth Hospital in England during the 1960’sPapworth: The Papworth Breathing method was developed by the Papworth Hospital in England during the 1960’s. While this method may resemble the Buteyko, it is clearly differentiated by its core principles. The core principle of the Papworth revolves around relaxation techniques and the self development of breathing patterns suiting the individual's current activity. People with EIA in particular can greatly benefit from the teachings and methods of the Papworth technique.

Pranayama: While not really established as a breathing technique the Pranayama is an ancient yoga practice that have long been used by people in India as well as other practitioners in achieving wellbeing through breathing. This age old technique has also been indirectly linked to have been one of the bases for Buteyko. Composed of stretches and exercises that helps in expanding lung capacity, strength, and efficiency.

Just check with the three sources mentioned about earlier if you want to know more about the asthma breathing exercises for kids that you can try. Just remember to gather enough relevant information about each one first in order to insure affectivity and avoid unwanted circumstances.

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Study Remote Viewing; Learn Quickly.

Remote viewing is a multifaceted subject; however, it is something everyone can learn how to do. When you are remote viewing, you can view an object or person anywhere in the world without having to actually be in the area. You are not limited by space and distance, while you are taking a remote view.

Although, no one really understands why or how it actually works, there are scientific studies that prove that remote viewing is possible.

Remote viewing is possible; many governments have found it useful in the past. They used remote viewing to help secure the objective of their countries from spies. However, over time, they came to realize that everyone could practice remote viewing and they decided to discontinue its use. After declassifying their records, they released them to the public. Today, remote viewing is very popular.

How Can You Learn To Remote View?

Like astral projection and other psychic abilities, remote viewing relies on your innate reserves of psychic energy. These abilities let your astral body be present in one place while your physical body is elsewhere.

It is possible to view any area that you want to, while you are remote viewing. The reason for this is that there is no limit on the areas, which you can view. With remote viewing, you can see the present, the past and the future if you want.

It does not matter where you are or who you are remote viewing is possible. Of course, there are some people who can naturally remote view as well as there are others who have to take the time and make the effort to learn how to do it. It is essential that you learn to focus your concentration while you are remote viewing. It may take some time and some effort to do so, however, anyone can remote view.

Learning how to remote view can be most beneficial to you, since you will be experiencing things that can bring your reality into a new perspective. Once you learn how to remote view and begin practicing it, you will train your mind to operate at a higher level with the vibrations of your thoughts.

Can You Develop Your Remote Viewing Skills?

While developing your remote viewing ability, you can take advantage of an assortment of methods and techniques available to you right now. However, first you must learn to quiet your mind. Then you will focus your concentration on the location, individual or object that you desire to view. You can do this even if you are not in the same general location.

Practicing meditation and visualization can both help you to get into the mental state which you need to achieve to remote view. You can practice these on your own with various aids designed to help you make the most of these techniques or get help from an expert in the field.

When you begin learning how to remote view, a remote viewing journal can come in pretty handy, since it provides you will a means of tracking your progression. When you remote view, you can go anywhere you want to go and view anything you wish, without having to be in that specific location, physically.

One good exercise to try is to ask yourself a question before going to bed and focus your mind on this question as you go to sleep. When you wake, write down the answer which has come to you – this exercise is designed to develop the psychic centers of your mind which are responsible for remote viewing.

Here is a popular remote viewing exercise you can try out to develop your natural talent and skill. Face down, hold in your hand a photograph or drawing, where you cannot actually look at it. Now, simply ask yourself to see the photograph or drawing.

While you are learning how to develop your remote viewing skills, you should always be patient with yourself and your experiences. Find out what works best for you and then record it in your journal. Being able to read about your experiences will be a great aid to you as you begin recognizing your strengths and your weaknesses. You can work with this to help you develop those natural and instinctive talents and skills.

When it comes to the mind, body and spirit, remote viewing is one of the finer arts. It is essential to develop your extrasensory skills and talents, continually. When you need resources that can be of aid for your success in progressing with remote viewing there is a wide variety from which you can choose, today.

Anxiety Is Not Just Psychological! In Fact, There Are Also More Physical Reasons! Go After Those And You Are More Likely To Overcome!

After practicing as a psychotherapist for 20 years, I thought I had experienced almost everything. I have seen this in my own clients but until it happened to me, you just don't know! I felt that I was going to have a heart attack. Outwardly, I tried to be calm but inwardly, I was pretty tense! I didn't know if I was going to make it through the night. I went to the Emergency Room. Upon getting in, time with the nurse followed by the doctor rendering his diagnosis, " Your are not having a heart attack, its an anxiety attack!". I came back with, "Really! I feel like like my heart is pounding out of chest and my head is going to pop!" They explained to me this was typical even though my blood pressure was slightly elevated. Though I was relieved, I wanted it to stop, now!

While you are in this condition, a chemical medicine will be adequate although it might not be the preferred option. I took it to break up the pattern. I didn't know about herbology and at that time, I could not imagine that a traditional Chinese herbs for anxiety would have been just as effective. In this stressed out state, you want fast, potent relief.

All these symptoms, people have found relief, naturally with traditional Chinese herbs for anxiety:


1.    Worry you might have a heart attack

2.    Afraid of everything

3.    Difficulty concentrating, memory  loss

4.    Difficulty thinking and speaking

5.    Disorientation

6.    Fear of going crazy

7.    Fear of losing control

8.    Fear of impending doom

9.    Feelings of unreality

10.  Frequently feel overwhelmed

11.  Having difficulty concentrating


12.  Nightmares, bad dreams

13.  Nightmares, bad dreams

14.  Repetitive thinking or excess 'mind chatter'

15.  Short-term learning impairment, have a hard time learning new information

16.  Short-term memory impairment, can't remember what I did a few days, hours, or moments ago

17.  Spaced out feelings, feeling spaced out

18.  "Stuck" thoughts; thoughts, mental images, concepts, songs, or melodies that "stick" in your mind and replay over and over

19.  Trapped in your mind feeling

20.  feel the world on your shoulders frequently 


This is a short list!You may perhaps list a 100 additional items. For the last 18 years, I have been dedicated to finding alternative medicine explanations and Chinese herbs for anxiety for the last 18 years that assist people through this transition.

Causation is well established. When enough stress is presented to the physical-mental-emotional body, the above conditions are likely to surface. We all would do well to notice and take action. It is not sufficient to lessen the symptoms but taking it easy as we look for answers is a wise strategy. Take care of yourself, rest, exercise, be around caring people until you can master the challenges you are confronted with. Eat food and take natural herbs that don't add to the imbalance but rather help in re-establishing your center.


There are numerous reasons and its not always psychological. In truth, the majority of psychotherapists help their patients by appreciating the physical causation. In addition to life stresses, physical deficiency can set up sensations that renders an individual to a sense of helplessness. In Chinese medicine there are two areas of the body that are suspect for depletion:

Heart: the heart can become weakened, or energy deficient. This condition where the energy is not available to the heart and its lead-in vessels can streess the organ. If the heart does not essential energy then like a car, it stalls, speeds up, slows down, uncontrollably. In this case, rest and energy needs to be re-established in the channels to the heart. When that happens, the chest area relaxes and wellbeing is at hand.Furthermore, once the heart steadies then the brain trails.

Kidneys: the kidneys may develop deficiency with less energy provided from the kidneys to the heart. Due to stress, overwork and emotional challenges, the adrenals follow. The kidneys are considered the seat of vitality, essence and foundation for energy. When the essence is interrupted then organs throughout the body suffer and synergistically, the heart pumps less blood. To compensate, the heart can pump harder, grow larger or become erractic due to the stressed depleted state. As prior stated, deep REM sleep is crucial in order for the kidneys to reinstate and for the body to revive.

You Must Care For Your Dental Health

Gum disease is a condition that seems to plague a good number of people, but most especially those who are advanced in age. It is also said to be a silent killer, spawning certain types of heart disease.

However, the question is, is there even a way to prevent it, given its propensity?  It is said that over thirty million people have this condition. Causes for this range from poor dental hygiene, lack of hydration to other conditions such as diabetes.

What are your treatment options then? Of course, the preventive care would include regular (and proper brushing of teeth) plus flossing. But if you are already afflicted with gum disease, then you may choose from surgical and non-surgical treatments. In either case, it is important to do what you can do keep your own natural teeth - if at all possible.

When it comes to non-surgical treatments, which best follows AAP guidelines stressing that periodontal treatment should be accomplished in the least invasive but most cost-effective manner as well, the most common would be scaling and planing followed by adjunctive therapy.

It is said that after scaling and planning, most patients would not require additional therapy. However, because of its limitations, there may be a need for some patients to undergo surgical treatments.

Surgical treatments would involve pocket reductions procedures, regenerative procedures, crown lengthening and soft tissue grafts. Of course, these could be much more costly but could be a necessary measure in order to prevent the disease from further spreading and branching off into other complications.  Protect yourself from periodontal disease.

*Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and does not intend to advise upon, diagnose or treat any health problem whatsoever. If you have or think you might have a health problem, visit your doctor or dentist for advice, diagnosis and treatment The USFDA has not evaluated statements about products in this article.

Do Not Ignore The Benefits of Good Nutrition

If you are a big fan of diet and nutrition, then this article may contain an interesting bit for you as it gives information on how you can combat and keep gum disease at bay by prudently managing your diet. First on the list are foods that have high fiber content.

These are comprised of foods like whole grains, veggies and fruits that can help boost your immune system. They can help to prevent the growth of bacteria.
These foods are also packed with the necessary vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins C, B, calcium and potassium.

Zinc, iron and magnesium are also some of the vitamins and minerals you need to fight off gingivitis. You may also choose to take supplements as well. Sugars are something you have to keep to a minimum as this is a draw-in for bacteria.

White flour and fruit juices also make your gums and teeth a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Fruit juices also tend to be a bit more tenacious and cling to your teeth.

You may not have come across any recommendations yet to eat more of green and yellow non-starchy vegetables. Apparently, it’s one of the must-do things in order to prevent these types of problems as well. A certain published study shows that senior men who consumed foods rich in antioxidants were less likely to develop gum disease. The antioxidants specified  were beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin. In addition, dairy products were said to increase protection for the teeth as well.

*Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and does not intend to advise upon, diagnose or treat any health problem whatsoever. If you have or think you might have a health problem, visit your doctor or dentist for advice, diagnosis and treatment The USFDA has not evaluated statements about products in this article. 

Do you have Rosacea? The way to diagnose this chronic skin condition

If you suffer from a red complexion, flushing or blushing, a red nose and cheeks and dry, flaky skin with pimples, you probably suffer from the chronic skin condition

rosacea. Formerly called acne rosacea, rosacea is more common in ladies than men, though men often have

more severe symptoms. Most people who have rosacea are honest-skinned, fair-haired and blue-eyed, although it's

additionally seen a lot of rarely in dark-skinned people. The disease affects a minimum of fourteen million individuals within the

United States of America, sometimes between twenty and 50 years of age.

The main symptoms of the skin condition are:

- a burning or tingling sensation
- a persistant redness once blushing or flushing
- pimples, papules or pustules on the face
- small visible blood vessels beneath the skin
- thickening of skin, especially round the nose space
- gritty, uncomfortable eyes (ocular rosacea)

The true explanation for rosacea isn't really known but certain factors are known to aggravate the

condition. Sufferers should avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and weather, like the sun, the cold and wind. Sun avoidance is particularly

vital, and sun screens, hats and parasols are useful ways to avoid sun-connected flare-ups. Alcohol and hot drinks and food are known to excacerbate rosacea, as is exercising in hot temperatures and hot showers, baths, steam rooms and saunas. Loofahs, rough towels, exfoliators, astringents and cosmetics with perfumes and

several additives ought to conjointly be avoided. Light perfume-free cover-up cosmetics can help disguise a flare-up

and scale back the psychological and social effects of rosacea.

Rosacea is a condition that's controlled rather than cured and many folks notice that keeping a diary helps them to

pin-point their own triggers. Keeping cool, drinking water to stay hydrated and using natural mild skin care merchandise go a

protracted manner to controlling this chronic condition.

You ought to, in fact, consult your dermatologist for advice concerning prescription creams and other

procedures that may be available to relieve the symptoms of rosacea.  Usually, rosacea

treatment is aimed at the management of redness, inflammation and skin eruptions, and this treatment is necessary to prevent permanent injury to the skin.

If he decides that you do have rosacea, a dermatologist will typically prescribe a combination of oral antibiotics and the utilization of antibiotic gel as initial treatment. The oral antibiotics can cut back the redness and reduce the pustules, then the topical gel

might facilitate to stay the symptoms underneath control. The dermatologist will also be in a position to assist a patient take a look at lifestyle factors to assist control the rosacea within the future.

Steroids are also often prescribed for rosacea as a result of they seem to alleviate the symptoms quickly, 

but sufferers should bear in mind that topical steroids are thought to make the symptoms worse longterm. The steroids dilate the blood vessels within the face and thin the skin and dermis by breaking down elastin and collagen within the skin's structure. Topical steroids have actually been thought to cause

rosacea in the first place in some instances.

Paralyzed During Sleep

Is sleep paralysis a problem for you? If you are wondering whether something can be done about it then the answer is yes. Just go through the following article and get to know the facts.

If there instances where you find that you are paralyzed during sleep and are unable to move then you are being affected by sleep paralysis. Everyone experiences sleep paralysis at some stage in their life. For some however the occurrences are more frequent and can be terrifying. Sleep paralysis will manifest itself under varied conditions and it can be dealt with it.

You can find detailed and comprehensive sleep paralysis techniques at any one of the following: cure for sleep paralysis, sleep paralysis causes and treatment, Sleep Paralysis Treatment

The primary cause of sleep paralysis is that of not being fully awake when the attacks happen. These episodes occur if whilst having a dream you are interrupted and the brain reacts much faster than the body can respond. You then experience the sensation that the dream you were having is real. In trying to respond to it you find that you cannot even move a single muscle.

This is because the process of coming out of sleep was never meant to be a sudden event but a gradual one. If something happens to interfere with your normal sleep jostling the brain into action whilst undergoing a dream then the paralysis sets in. Being paralyzed during sleep is actually meant to be a protective measure for you. The body is trying to prevent you from reacting to something that is not there.

Panic and fear usually set in when one tries to scream and the sound does not even come out. What has always left me puzzled that these so called hallucinations are so real when they occur. Having experienced one too many times I decided to learn more about it.

I’ve come across many remedies, solutions and techniques for this condition. Some of the techniques are as easy as avoidance of likely causes, others include meditation and yoga. If you find that you are paralyzed during sleep help is available. You can say goodbye to sleepless nights.

Get The Most Out Of Your Family Medical Doctor

There are many who have problems when they visit their family doctor.


It’s not that they have a bad one, it’s that they don’t know how to make the most of each visit that they have.

Though it might seem that your time with your family physician is limited, you have the right to be sure you get what you need from the appointment, and no matter how rushed the medical doctor may seem to be, you have to leave without any questions or concerns. This is often up to the patient to determine.

If you have made a good choice for your family practice doctor, you are probably satisfied with what you get at each appointment. There are times, however, when you may have to take some initiative to get what you need.
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