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Club Drug Abuse and Its Effects

I had been using club drugs for a long time before I actually met someone who had a problem with them.


I didn't really realize this type of drug use could lead to club drug abuse. Oh sure, I had seen all the warnings about club drugs effects.

I knew from the many government webpages that club drug use among teens could lead to addiction or harder drugs like alcohol, but I didn't really realize that drug abuse was a problem for many people in their 20s.

After all, most of the drug users I knew were pretty safe and responsible people for the most part. Sometimes they would go a little bit overboard, but they would never take it to real extremes.
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Drug Information

There are multiple safeguards to ensure that every patient gets Reliable drug information.


First of all, your doctor is supposed to tell you about drug interactions and side effects. Second of all, the pharmacist is supposed to tell you. They are supposed to either speak to you in person or give you an information sheet to tell you about the effects of drugs you are taking.

They are also supposed to have a database to cross-reference your drug any other drugs you have gotten from that pharmacy to make sure that there are no harmful interactions.

Usually, the system ensures that you get the right drug information. Every once in awhile, however, things don't work out – sometimes with dangerous repercussions. There are a few different problems.
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