The incidence of obesity is now epidemic in the U.S. Examining the causes of obesity

A recent news report stated that one in three Americans are overweight. Of these, six in ten of overweight people fall into the category of obesity. These statistics warrant a careful look at the causes of obesity in America.

While many of us wish we could shed 5-10 pounds, there are many more who have a considerably greater task before them. Look at the number of diet programs, all promising to give you the svelte figure you desire.

From high protein, low carb, and on to high fiber, there are no shortage of diet programs. However, the success rate must not be high, if we are to believe the statistics.

The most practical treatment of obesity may lie in determining the root causes and effect of obesity. Let's take a look and see how you might best tackle the problem, with real results.

Obesity can be a medical or psychological problem. If the standard charts tell you you are obese, making an appointment with your physician is a good first step.
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