HealthiFeet 4 oz Foot Cream
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HealthiBetic--warms cold feet,soothes foot discomfort,moisturizes dry skin
Penetrating Formula.Naturally absorbed through the skin, exactly where you need it.Naturally restores circulation.
Clinically proven.
Ideal for people with Diabetes.Tube.Podiatrist Recommended Foot Cream:HealthiBetic HealthiFeet™ is a topical cream clinically proven to relieve foot discomfort associated with poor circulation.Warms cold feet. L-Arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid used to regulate circulation, restores temperature to cold feet keeping them warm and healthy.Soothes foot discomfort. Improved circulation relieves numbness and discomfort in feet leaving them relaxed and restored.
Moisturizes dry skin. Nourishing cream, enriched with vitamins and nutrients, penetrates dry skin leaving it soft and comfortable.Made in the USA