When I first checked in to the Christian drug rehab programs center, I was not much of a believer in either drug rehabilitation or Christianity. Of course, at that point in my life, I was not much of a believer in anything. Drug treatment seemed just like another dead end to me and, to be honest, the only reason I checked in there was because I needed a place to stay and I wasn't safe in my own neighborhood anymore.

I had burned a guy on a deal, and I feared for my life. The folks at the Christian drug treatment center were willing to take me in, and I no longer had the luxury of saying no. I needed all of the help I could get.

I had been to an inpatient drug rehab center before, but I had only stayed about three days last time. This time, I knew that I needed to at least dry off and let the tensions in my old hood cool down a bit before I could leave. I figured that I could stay for three or four weeks in the Christian based drug rehab center, then get going with the rest of my life. It would be a breeze compared to the life I had been living.

I had not stopped to think about what would be required of me in that Christian drug rehab programs treatment center. It was a lot more than just not doing drugs. We would spend time praying, meditating on the teachings of the Bible, discussing our problems, and sharing ways to use our faith to overcome addiction. It was a stressful time for me, but also a powerful one. It was hard to be in that environment without getting sucked in to it yourself.

I was not all that strong of a believer when I first got there but, by the time I had been there for a few weeks, my faith had really increased. I was starting to really think about giving up drugs for good. Since I finally graduated from that Christian drug rehab center, my life has changed a lot. I have gotten a part time gig ministering to at risk young people about the dangers of drug use, and helping them to make the right choices.

To say that it has totally changed my life around would almost be an understatement at this point. The changes I have gone through since Christian drug rehab program are so profound that the people who knew me before barely can tell that I'm the same person. I think I came out better, smarter, and more focused than I went in. It makes me really proud of my faith and myself.