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Soccer Field Diagram : Who Else Want To Learn Soccer Formations

Soccer field diagram

It's like clockwork when you have a soccer field diagram before you and you are planning to teach the kids soccer formations and positions. It’s advisable that young kids between 4 to 6 years in age should be made to play in small sided soccer like a 3 v 3 or a 4 v 4 with no goalkeepers.

Then move to a 5 v 5 including a goalkeeper as the kids mature. There are several benefits. They enjoy the game much more; get maximum contacts with the ball, and are able to learn the models of the game in a better way.

This is an age where the kids are only learning to pass the ball and control it. You can start training them on positions and formations also. This is the appropriate time to select players as forwards or defenders. Also, it’s for you to see that they arrive at their positions to the greatest extent.

Someday in future you’ll see the number of players improving in accordance with the field’s size. Creating formations then would become a tad complicated. Nevertheless, make it a point that players are allocated positions and also they show full integrity in acting upon from their positions.

Soccer formation

As soon as you decide the formations, it is time to discuss these with the players. Explain to the players why one player is preferred for a specific position in comparison to another and also the theory that follows it. This is why a soccer field diagram is so useful. Kids learn better by looking at visual representations. And then there are some who learn on the field by seeing you perform drills or even reading the documented text.

There are some general guidelines or soccer tactics that must be followed with every position; such as responsibilities of defenders, midfielders, and forwards. These descriptions are apt for a 2-2-2 formation in a 7 v 7 game. These instructions are very basic and you can alter them as per your line of thinking.

As an example, you may decide on 3 midfielders instead of 2. You may need your center midfielder to act aggressively on offence or simply mark the midfielders from the opposition on defense. You may like your wing defenders to take all throw-ins. There can a lot of changes.

In addition to the diagram, it is always a good idea to document your thought process in writing. This gives the players something to read time and again which ultimately helps them in understanding things better. The parents can also go through the document and visualize your goals for the players and the team as a whole.

In order to teach soccer positions, make it a point to make an extensive use of field diagrams in whatever you do. It’s undoubtedly the best device that has the potential to save both time and energy in explaining formations.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and use a soccer field diagram to start teaching your players various formations and positions on the field. Our youth soccer coaching community has a huge amount of knowledge about youth soccer. Join now to gain from all the benefits.


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How to Choose a Home Treadmill

Home treadmills are very widespread types of work out equipment as they give great cardio workouts and are very easy to use. Electric powered treadmills are the most widely used but also available are human powered treadmills. You can find a cheaper treadmill for around $400 although, for good value and to ensure you're treadmill lasts more than a few months, we would advise you to purchase a more expensive treadmill.

One advantage of a treadmill at home, is, of course, is that you don't have to go out to a gym. You’ll really be glad about this through the winter when it's cold and dark early. Much more comfortable to do your exercising in the warmth of your home! Another advantage is that you are able read, listen to music or watch TV during your workout which will prevent you from getting bored.

Considerations When Choosing a Home Treadmill

Although, as already mentioned, treadmills can be purchased for for as low as $200  they won't be good quality and will lack many of the features of better quality models. You also must consider the extra features available, including the range of programs as a more extensive range will let you have more variety in your workout workout and prevent boredom. A built in heart rate monitor is useful to allow you to monitor the extent of cardiovascular exercise. While it may be tempting to purchase a less expensive model this could be a poor choice in the long run as it will not probably not give a good workout or last very long. A further thing to think about is how many people will be using the machine and how much they weight. Consider spending about 00 for a treadmill to be used by two joggers and for two serious runners around $2500. 

Consider also the stated weight limit of the treadmill you are considering purchasing. Some of the manufacturers of treadmills exaggerate the weight limits so, particularly if you are slightly overweight, purchase a treadmill that states a weight limit that is more than your real weight. Bear in mind that, even though you only intend to walk on the treadmill, as you increase your fitness level you could find yourself exercising a great deal more energetically. If you purchased a poor quality home treadmill you may need to purchase an additional one more suitable for your enhanced fitness! You would be better off buying a good quality treadmill initially.


Selecting a home treadmill may be harder than just visiting the mall and choosing one. Carefully think about the way you’ll be using the treadmill and what extra features you will need. Make sure that you buy one that is going to last you and will cope with the different types of exercising you’ll be doing.

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Activities For Seniors

More and more, scientific studies are showing that an active senior is a healthy senior.


Between physical activities for seniors, staying mentally active, and keeping up a healthy social circle, older people can prolong healthy living by years or even decades. With all the attention people put into good nutrition and exercise when they're young, it is amazing that senior activities have escaped attention until recently. Fortunately, things are changing, and changing quickly!

Within a decade, active seniors will be the norm and the days of old people sitting bored in front of the TV all day will be a distant memory.

Choosing appropriate activities for seniors is easier than you might think. The main thing is that seniors live in or have access to facilities where social activities are organized. A lot of senior homes nowadays have poker nights, bingo games, water aerobics, and many other types of physical fitness activities and social gatherings that seniors enjoy.
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