When body suffers any damage, the body rushes its soldiers to care for itself. Acne infection is also an wound that needs healing and body sends white blood cells and other molecules that fight the infection and repair the impure site. After the repairing job is fulfilled, a blemish forms that is the sign of repair. Skin never becomes as smooth as it was before the acne. Several blemish is always left. Let us find out more about acne scars and how doctors be able to fix them so that you dig up rather alike to your earlier look over.

Types Of acne scars- before we argue about the sort of scars, let us also note that everyone has another tendency of blemish formation. Some people develop very less scars, as others might have main scars for the same sort of acne. Acne scars are of two types- scars that are caused by loss of tissue and scars caused by increased tissue formation.

Depressed Scars- these scars may well be of diverse types such as Ice-pick scars, miserable fibrotic scars, soft scars and macular types. As the cyst expands through pus, bacteria, oil and dead skin cells it ruptures and attacks the dermis. to care for the dermis the white blood cells rush in. This rupture may possibly make happen loss of collagen giving rise to deep recess or depression. The skin above is left unproven because of loss of tissue below it and a saucer shaped or jagged ice pick mark is formed. Ice pick scars are more common on face.

Keloids- In several people the scar forms in a overturn fashion. Through the loss of collagen, body triggers fibroblasts that produce excessive collagen producing blemish tissues called keloids. Keloids are more commonly found on male torsos. Other type of increased tissue formation mark is called hypertrophic blemish. Hypertrophy means overgrowth.

blemish remedy- scars be capable of be treated by your dermatologist using various treatments. Before proceeding for mark cure, you have to discuss your feelings about the scars among your doctor. The cost involved may well also play a role in choosing the cure. What results you want is the third cause. The severity of the blemish, the location and kind of healing that be capable of be done are other factors that have to be used to treat acne scars. The common treatments for acne scars are- collagen therapy, laser treatment, dremabrasion, microdermabrasion, skin surgery, skin grafting etc. Keloids can be left untreated if it is felt that remedy will form further keloids. Injecting through steroid injections may well also treat keloids.

This article is barely for educational purposes. This article is not intended to be a checkup advise and it is not a substitute for professional checkup advice. Please discuss with your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow one tip given in this article barely when consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for one outcome or damage resultant from information obtained from this article.

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