Shower Wheelchair Bath Toilet Commode Bariatric 20″ Wide Seat with 24″ Wheels

Shower Wheelchair Bath Toilet Commode Bariatric 20
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Top Mobility Scooters offers the EZee Life aluminum attendant shower and commode chair model# 185-24. It is a hybrid wide 20" commode and a wheelchair chair in one. The chair comes with two 24" wheelchair tires and two 5" locking casters to provide safety when the user does not need to be moved. The seat cut-out provides comfort and allows the chair to be positioned over a standard toilet for use, but also comes with a bucket to be used anywhere it is required. The aluminum frame of the Shower Commode Chair is an attractive white color and is also... [Read More]

Bariatric 1,000 Lbs Capacity Heavy Duty Bedside Commode W/ Padded Drop Arms & Backrest, Extra Wide Seat. Easy Safe Transfer From Bed Or Wheelchair To Portable Commode. Large Removable Commode Bucket.

Bariatric 1,000 Lbs Capacity Heavy Duty Bedside Commode W/ Padded Drop Arms & Backrest, Extra Wide Seat. Easy Safe Transfer From Bed Or Wheelchair To Portable Commode. Large Removable Commode Bucket.
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This Bariatric Heavy Duty Commode Is Great For Everyday Use. It Features A Deeper And Wider Seat As Well As Padded Arms And Backrest. The Armrests Provide A Comfortable Place To Rest On When Sitting And A Safe Place To Grab, Making Sitting And Standing Easier. Buyers Comments: (1) "Sturdy. Holds up well for larger people. Does not shake like smaller models." (2) "Very good item. It works just like they said it would. Very easy to put together." (3) "Just what I needed for my family member." (4) "Excellent chair. It was so helpful. Would recommend to anyone.... [Read More]

Are New Or Used, Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchairs For Mobility Assistance The Best Option?

When deciding on purchasing Used Heavy Duty Power Whelchairs for mobility or ambulatory assistance, purchasing a new wheelchair is is probably a better option than procuring one of the many used, heavy-duty power wheelchairs you might find in your hometown. Since new powered wheelchairs are frequently expensive, many people may hope that the best option is to purchase a used wheelchair.

There are good reasons for purchasing used equipment, including the price, but the advantages of ordering a new wheelchair generally outweighs the difference in price.

A Few Reasons to Buy a New Wheelchair

If you need mobility assistance products, then take advantage of the comparing prices, product models, features and accessories from leading manufacturers at a medical distributor’s online store. On a supplier’s website, you can buy home medical equipment and supplies direct, and usually you can compare products from many manufacturers. Instead of purchasing used, Heavy Duty Power Chairs locally, be sure to consider the tangible advantages of new mobility assistance products.

There are of course many reasons and advantages to buying new mobility products instead of used equipment. A few reasons to buy new mobility products, equipment or powered wheelchairs include:

• Product warranties or guarantees against equipment manufacturing defects
• Insurance coverage on part or all of the cost (most private insurers or government programs pay for part or all of the cost of mobility assistance equipment—check with your insurer and your doctor since you will most likely need a script for the device)
• A new motor under warranty with the wattage you need for heavy duty usage or for higher weight load requirements
• Equipment features that meet your specific mobility needs including adjustable comfort features, accessories options, and convenience options such as additional storage or drop-in batteries
• Products using the latest advances such as longer-lasting batteries, composite materials or other features
• Durable frames—if you are overweight; you may need a heavy-duty wheelchair for daily use
• Patient comfort
• Accessories options
• Clean unused products

Decide on New, Not Used, Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchairs As Your Best Choice

Undoubtedly, there are many other reasons to purchase a new wheelchair instead of looking for used, heavy-duty power wheelchairs to meet your mobility needs. Regardless of your specific equipment requirements, new chairs are likely to be considerably more reliable than used, heavy-duty power wheelchairs. When researching product specifications, be sure to compare manufacturers, equipment models, tolerances, power options, and accessories. Purchase the new wheelchair that meets your requirements, not someone else’s requirements.

The Fair Care Shop offers a wide range of mobility products from leading manufacturers. You can compare product options online that will help you to determine which equipment will make the most difference with your mobility problems.

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